Gods Unchained

Springbloom Hunter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Part of a series of written narrative sketches based on cards from the game Gods Unchained. These are just for fun and are not officially tied to Immutable or Gods Unchained in any way.

Elexis was dressed in her best hunting gear, prepared for the annual hunt her township participated in every ear. As the flowers bloomed and the forest’s lush foliage drew animals out from the warmth of their winter slumber, hunters from all around gathered together for the “Springbloom Hunt.” 

This tradition kept the animal population to a manageable level while providing local villagers with goods to sell and food for their families. Everyone who participated was designated a Springbloom Hunter and given a specific number or type of creature they could hunt depending on their family size, and sometimes their social status. This was Elexis’ fifth year participating in the hunt and she was flush with anticipation.

Elexis heard the Dionysus bullhorn in the distance indicating the hunt had officially started, so she sprinted off to her favorite spot for hunting wild hog. There was something different about this year. She felt different. More in touch with nature and closer to Aeona, the God of nature. She wasn’t sure why she felt that way and cleared her mind to focus. Almost immediately she spotted a wild hog a short distance away. She stepped on a branch that announced her presence with a loud “SNAP”. The wild hog, wasting no time began to charge directly at her. 

Elexis drew an arrow, nocked it, pulled back the bow string and let it fly. The arrow struck the hog right in the chest, a fatal blow, but not one that dropped it immediately. The hog continued its charge and jumped at Elexis, attempting to gore her with a large tusk. Elexis dropped her bow, drew her dagger with one swift motion, but was not fast enough to fend off the hog. One of the razor sharp tusks and some small teeth tore into the flesh of her arm, knocking her off balance as the hog landed in a lump behind her, dead.

The two cuts were deep. So deep Elexis could see the crimson muscle pulsing inside, blood soaking the grass around her.  At the rate she was bleeding, there was no way she would make it back to the village. Emotions flooded over her all at once. She would never see her family again, never be able to marry Alec, never spend time with the people she loved so much. Elexis called to Aeona and prayed. She asked her God to mend her wounds so she could continue to provide for her family because without her, they would surely starve. 

As Elexis gripped her wound, trying her best to slow the bleeding, the tear in her skin began to glow. It started out gold, but slowly grew into a bright green that caused the bleeding to stop. Then, before her eyes, her skin began to slowly melt back together. The green glow receded and her arm was now as perfect as it was moments before the hog attack. Elexis began to weep with joy, overcome with emotion and thankfulness that Aeona had been watching over her.