Hired Muscle

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Part of a series of written narrative sketches based on cards from the game Gods Unchained. These are just for fun and are not officially tied to Immutable or Gods Unchained in any way.

Stavros had been contemplating a career change for quite a while now. But, the fact was, he was good at his job. His family dismissed his current line of work, telling him all he would ever amount to was “hired muscle”. Stavros wasn’t sure if there was anything wrong with that though.

Being an extremely large child, he was able to dominate the other kids in sports. His culture prized and cultivated being aggressive, but his parents always had other ideas for him. Stavros finished school and once he was old enough, he moved out and established himself as an “Asset Protection Specialist”. He would escort shipments of goods that had a large retail value and fight off any hijackers. He was good at his job, and was paid well for it.

Stavros sat on the pile of bodies he just created, staring at his trusty dagger, wondering if his parents were right. He just killed five men who tried to steal a chest of gold meant as an offering for Valka, Champion of Lord Auros. In the years to come, his old age would catch up with him, and then what was he going to do? Sit around and die? No, he had to make some changes, and there was no time like the present to make them.