Gods Unchained

Deuteria, Manashard Mage

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Part of a series of written narrative sketches based on cards from the game Gods Unchained. These are just for fun and are not officially tied to Immutable or Gods Unchained in any way.

Manashards are a solid, crystalline form of mana that only manifest in very rare circumstances. One place they consistently form is in a manashard garden. No one knows for sure how to find a manashard garden, or what specifically makes manashards grow there, but a few miners have stumbled across them while digging deep into Euros. Deuteria, a Manashard Mage is always there to greet them.

Deuteria, is the first line of defense for manashard gardens, and welcomes everyone who stumbles into one with no ill intentions. Offering guidance and knowledge, Deuteria will allow travelers to keep a manashard as a gift, but only one they can use safely. She has a fondness for mortals and will help them on their quests, and sometimes in battle if she deems them worthy. A very powerful mage, she can call on other manashard guardians to help her if necessary.

Mortals who have encountered Deuteria describe her as a gorgeous being with impossibly soft, pale skin adorned with manashards. She wears a long dress the color of copper and trimmed with gold. This description leads some to believe she was mortal at one time, before dedicating herself to guarding manashards and mastering mana control. No one knows for certain, and with encounters being so rare, the truth may never be known. Deuteria can manipulate mana at will, allowing her to perform spells mortals and other mana manipulators thought impossible.

Deuteria guards some of the most powerful manashards in existence and lends knowledge to those who wish to use them. Merlin has been known to consult with Deuteria as he has a staff topped with a manashard that was a gift from Octavia, the Manashard Queen. Some Anubian Tomb Priests shape and embed them in their shields and mana thieves have created a large black market, stealing and selling them to the highest bidder. Deuteria never tires of tending to the manashard gardens and constantly studies mana manipulation in order to help other beings in their quests for knowledge.