Gods Unchained

Boil-Blood Outlaw

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Part of a series of written narrative sketches based on cards from the game Gods Unchained. These are just for fun and are not officially tied to Immutable or Gods Unchained in any way.

If Cyrus Nicolo a.k.a, the Boil-Blood Outlaw, shows up in your town, it’s best to board up the windows and barricade the doors. It wouldn’t be a big deal if he was a normal man, but Cyrus becomes stronger the more angry he gets.

Blessed by Auros for unknown reasons long ago, anything can send him into a fit of rage. Cyrus was a master of the game Ludus Latrunculorum and would happily challenge anyone to a game over any stakes. When his opponent in one match cheated, Cyrus visually turned a shade of red, the dark tattoos on his body seeming to glow as if lit from an internal fire. He unsheathed two large hatchets, one in each hand and beheaded the man instantly.

If you happen to see Cyrus walking through town, and he asks you to play a quick game of Ludus Latrunculorum, be careful. You might just come face to face with the Boil-Blood Outlaw.