Gods Unchained

Best Friends

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Part of a series of written narrative sketches based on cards from the game Gods Unchained. These are just for fun and are not officially tied to Immutable or Gods Unchained in any way.

Argus had a goal. That goal was to be the best animal trainer in town, despite some of his shortcomings. The main one being, he wasn’t very good with animals! Undeterred, Argus set out to befriend and train as many animals as he could, starting with very small animals. He would find them in the forest, feed them bits of food, then try to teach them tricks or commands to obey.

As time went on, Argus became frustrated because he was not able to domesticate any of the small animals. So, he decided to jump headfirst into training some medium-sized animals instead. In his mind, bigger animals meant bigger brains, and bigger brains meant easier to train animals.

Argus saw an eagle soaring overhead and figured there was no better time than the present to get started. Even though he was already trying to control several small creatures he waved some scrap meat and called out with his best eagle call to get the birds attention. A badger that had walked into the clearing saw the meat in Argus’ hand and immediately started to charge towards him.

Hearing an eagle call and seeing a charging badger caused all of the other small animals to scatter. Argus, who had been oblivious to his surroundings while focusing on the eagle, finally noticed what was happening. He looked at his scattered animals, looked at the badger running directly for him, and looked at the meat in his hand. Slowly realizing his mistake, Argus began to run…..